This one is pretty self explanatory.


This is media bias by the same reporter.


This is media deception.


This is just a lie.


This is Linsey Davis pretending she is at a crime scene, which she isn’t. They even set up fake police tape.


This is media deception.


This is The Hill lying on Twitter knowing most people will just read their tweet and not actually click on their article.

The one right below it (which is a connected picture), shows Reuters claiming that in Iran they are having a protest against Trump and saying “Death to America”. The truth is however if you look at the picture on the right of it, that Iran has these protests almost every year, and chant “Death to America” and it has nothing to do with Trump.



CNN on the left picture tried to make it seem like the Japanese Prime Minister’s wife, Mrs Akie Abe, was basically alone her whole trip to the states. However, Melania actually flew to the airport to meet the Prime Ministers wife, however Mrs. Akie Abe informed Melania that she had prior commitments during her stay in DC. Then after they were together for the whole weekend at Mar-A-Lago and had a full itinerary.

Article of CNN lying: Here , Archive Link to article: Here